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After 8 Catering

With 20 years of experience, we offer you hand-crafted cooking, attention to detail and exceptional service.  Our passion is ignited by the flavours, colours, and choices found in this fertile region. We love food and we love serving you the most beautiful food that we can create, together with playful decor and elegant presentation. We make your celebrations and events personal, delicious, and a fun experience. We strive to partner with local suppliers, farmers and producers to obtain the best, freshest ingredients possible, including utilizing our own herb and vegetable gardens in season.

“When necessary, caterers are electricians, baby-sitters, carpenters, actors, plumbers, dieticians, veterinarians, coaches, hairstylists, traffic cops, designers, marriage counselors, psychiatrists, janitors, florists and miracle workers!” – Michael Roman


Michelle’s penchant for cooking began at a young age.  Being raised on a dairy farm, and the youngest of five kids, good, pure food was an integral part of her upbringing.  Many evenings were spent in the garden with her Dad, weeding, swatting mosquitos, and learning how to grow organic, gorgeous vegetables.  In the kitchen, Michelle’s Mom was always baking, canning, and creating nutritious, fresh  meals for not only her family, but for many community events and organizations.


Michelle has had a varied culinary career, with stints in several restaurants, inns, and clubs. She spend two seasons as the chef aboard the Georgian Clipper, which took guests on a five day cruise through the Thousand Islands and Picton, and has catered to such varied guests as HRH Princess Anne, Jane Seymour, Gordon Lightfoot, The Trailer Park Boys, and Snoop Dogg, to name a few.


This has been the background of a creative, industrious caterer who turns basic, pure ingredients into creative, colourful, memorable food moments.  Together with her team, they are passionately committed to exceeding expectations with their food, service and teamwork.

Our Food

Who wouldn’t want to wow their guests with fantastic flavours, colours and service, without the work?  The extraordinary pleasures of sharing good food and drink with special people, is a bonding, nurturing experience. It brings people together.


Whether you worship bacon, dream about chocolate, or thirst for a chilled gazpacho, we can help you create a customized event to fit your tastes and budget.  Whether you are working on a team-building day for your staff, or celebrating a milestone birthday, we can help.

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